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November 18, 2007

a tour through my blogroll: G to L

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Now that you’ve met the m-network, and the beginning of my blogroll, all the way to the letter F it’s time to meet some more.

generation x finance

Gen X used to get a lot of stick for being lazy slackers, but that has abated since the advent of Gen Y. As you might expect, generation x finance focusses on the issues affecting those in their late twenties and thirties. Unusually for a personal finance blog, Jeremy actually has personal finance qualifications. Some of the best posts include:

This week I liked:

get rich slowly

Geeky comic lover and all round nice guy (even if he does support the worst football team in the world) JD Roth shouldn’t really require an introduction, since get rich slowly is one of the most popular and successful personal finance blogs around. Some of the best posts include:

Last week I liked:

american consumer news (aka getting green)

I’m aware the ‘american’ starts with an ‘a’, but this blog is marked by me as ‘getting green’ has recently been re-branded. Fortunately it remains an excellent read, and now has more writers. Some of my favourite posts include:

From the last week:

grad money matters

ispf over at grad money matters writes for the reasonably recent graduate on all matters personal finance. A pretty cool blog, my favourite posts include:

Last week I liked:

i will teach you to be rich

The title of this blog sometimes annoys people, but I love it. Successful gen y entrepreneur Ramit wants you to be rich and not sexy with your money. The archives on this site are absolutely invaluable, even though it’s not a blog that updates frequently. Some of my favourites include:

Recently I liked:

lazy man and money

In having three blogs (…and health, …and sports), I’d say that lazy has proven to be the opposite of his moniker, although he alleges that the nickname comes because he can’t be bothered to do housework. In any case, his stated aim of making his money work so he doesn’t have to is a pretty good one. My favourite posts include:

Recently I’ve liked:

living behind the curve

Dani and Mer want to be retired when they grow up. I think that that’s an excellent goal, one to which many people should aspire. As they’re busy with finishing their respective degrees, they don’t update too often, but usually make an exception for their seriously good SRSLY slow-cooker recipe series. My favourite posts include:

  • techniques that guarantee career happiness – my favourite of these is to read, but sadly, I also have to agree that a real customer service job could be the making of you
  • $25 dinner party – one of the stellar points of this blog, and the thing that got me subscribing, was and is the food. Read and salivate.

Lately I’ve liked:

If you’re a personal finance blogger and you’d like to be on my blogroll, email me and I’ll start subscribing to your feed. If you then post pretty regularly with content that I can recommend I’ll add you after a little while.

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