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July 17, 2007

personal finances and taboo subjects

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As I mentioned earlier, there has been a little controversy about FMF’s guest post on get rich slowly. Some people actually stated that they were unsubscribing from GRS in disgust. The biggest problem cited is that non-religious people don’t want to hear about religion on a personal finance blog.

This got me thinking. To what extent should I refrain from stating my opinions on taboo subjects like religion and politics in my personal finance blog? To what extent is it even possible for me to do so?

My non-believing paradigm colours many aspects of my life and is certainly a prime factor in my values – I notice this the most when I am reading posts on personal finance from someone from whose strong believer’s paradigm becomes evident (like rocket finance or free money finance).

My political views also impact on the way IÂ see the world – and the world includes personal finance. I know that my political views are coloured by the country that I live in – which differs from most other personal finance bloggers – but I’m not sure whether I inadvertently subject people to my way of thinking as if its the only possible way, or whether my politics detract from my writing.

What do you think? Are my views on religion and politics too evident? Does it even matter? Should personal finance blogs be more or less neutral?

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