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mere christianity and the library

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I’m posting this in a futile attempt to win to trent’s book giveaway @ the simple dollar. He wants fifty words in response to one of his previous posts. In fact, trent’s probably already read some of the beginning this response as I emailed him about the post I’ve selected. Since I can’t win the book anyway (read the rules), I figure thats not too much of a problem! Anyway, here goes:

I finally got round to reading Mere Christianity after trent recommended it on his blog and a couple of other people mentioned it to me. It has made me think a little more about what I believe.

I feel that Lewis’ argument using Moral Law as a basis for assuming the existence of God and the subsequent argument in favour of Christianity requires a leap of faith and is not an irrefutable argument in favour of Christianity, although it is a good one as these things go. Throughout the opening section of the book, I struggled to maintain an open mind.

However, having more than a passing interest in Christianity and religious belief I found the later sections an excellent statement of Christian belief and what it should mean to be a Christian. Even though I think that Lewis is incorrect - that is I personally do not think the world is correctly viewed through the Christian paradigm as he described it - I found many of the actual concrete ideas illuminating, especially the ones on judging (or as is preferable, not judging) individuals based on their actions.

The most important impact that trent’s post and Mere Christianity have had on me and my personal finances though, is that I have joined my local library. I was motivated to read this book, but didn’t want to spend money on a book that I wasn’t sure that I would like so I looked on the web catalogue of the library to see if they had it in stock. They did, and so I joined the library just to borrow this book.

As a voracious and speedy reader, this is saving me money on the purchase of books and making me happier. In addition, I am spending time in the library and reading my library books instead of heading to the shops and purchasing more clothes, magazines and cds. Joining the library has also motivated me to do more free things, such as visiting the local art gallery and attending free concerts. So thank you to trent, cs lewis and the library, you guys are saving me a fortune.

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