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May 14, 2008

this time last year on plonkee money

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I know that not everyone has been reading plonkee money for a year. I think that about this time last year I actually worked out how to set up my feeds properly – I started blogging before I knew about the amazing powers of feedreaders, and it showed.

Still, you’re here now, and that’s the important thing. If you want to check out what you missed last May on plonkee money try:

Should that not be enough retro plonkee money to be going on with, browse the full archives and read some more.

If you want a different point of view, lately I’ve liked:

  • using a freedom account to prepare for the unexpected @ get rich slowly – irregular expenses needn’t cripple your finances any more
  • when we received a collection letter @ mrs. micah – fortunately I haven’t had one yet myself, but I’ve had them for other people (previous tenants) and it’s best to open and call them up to let them know that they’ve moved. It cuts down on hassle.
  • what is an annuity? @ moolanomy – important information as in the UK it’s almost (but not quite) compulsory to purchase an annuity with your pension funds, something about not squandering it and relying on the state I think
  • how to feed a family of five on $200 a month @ rocket finance – where Mrs Rocket explains how she feeds the family, and rocketc admits to eating both seconds, and thirds at meal times

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