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how to get plonkee money on demand

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What if you like plonkee money a lot, and don’t want to miss out on everything I have to say? The answer to that, is to subscribe via a feedreader or email.

subscribing via a reader


A feed reader is a piece of software that can read syndicated web content, such as the plonkee money RSS (Real Simple Syndication) feed.

Shortly after a blog is updated, the syndicated content is available to feed readers everywhere. In the top right hand sidebar, you can see an orange button with the text ‘use a feed reader’.

If you then click on the orange button, you’ll be taken to the following page:


For a web-based feed reader, simply click on the subscription button of your choice (I use bloglines myself), and hey presto, plonkee money on demand.

subscribe via email

Perhaps you’d rather have your daily fix of plonkee money via email. email_subscribe

In that case, simply enter your email address in the box at the top of the right sidebar and press subscribe.

By the power of Rmail, you’ll then receive a single email everyday with the latest plonkee money posts. Rest assured that your email address will never be used for any other purposes

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