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how to get a free rail ticket

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Sign up for a new service with a train company, putting you on a mailing list. Wait until said train company accidentally sends your email address to everyone on the mailing list. Get a grovelling apology and the promise of a free rail ticket.

Good evening

Please accept my sincerest apologies for the email you received on 6 August regarding the expansion of our txt 2 mobile ticketing option.

Due to an administrative error, the whole distribution list was visible to all recipients.

The email was only sent to Chiltern passengers who have bought an E-Day ‘txt 2 mobile’ or ‘print @ home’ ticket and not a commercially sourced email list.

We fully appreciate the concern, anger and frustration that we have caused with this mistake. We are rightly embarrassed and can assure you that a full investigation has now taken place into the incident.

As a gesture of goodwill, and to say sorry, your next E-day journey with us will be free of charge. We will be in touch shortly with your booking guidelines.

Kind regards


Cath Proctor
General Manager

Chiltern Railways

I honestly didn’t notice the mistake (I’m not even sure I read the email). But I would be delighted to accept the free ticket. Cheers.

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