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October 13, 2007

cameraderie and one upmanship

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Over at get rich slowly, JD has written a post about eating out at swanky restaurants. Its quite interesting if you want to take a look, but what’s caught my attention was part of a comment number 10 by DJ:

 I love reading financial blogs but I always feel like the camaraderie involved is a whole lot of “I’m making better decisions than you” attitude.

I think that it can be easy to slip into this frame of mind when writing. But don’t underestimate the power of people to not follow their own advice. For example, I generally know what a good course of action is for my finances, I don’t always follow it.

What’s definitely true for me is there is one person I feel that I am always making better decisions than. Yesterday’s plonkee.

For me, beating my personal best is the plan. If I’m making better or worse decisions that someone else, that’s pretty much irrelevant. I encourage you to think likewise.

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