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all about mortgages: repayment and interest only

There are a large number of different sorts of mortgage products available in the UK. In essence a mortgage is a loan secured on your house that the bank or society expect you to pay back with interest. The defining characteristics of any mortgage product are how you are expected to pay it back, and how the interest rate [...]

Response to ‘What Would Happen If All Christians Tithed/Gave More?’

Free Money Finance posed the question ‘What Would Happen If All Christians Tithed/Gave More?’ as part of his regular (and excellent) Sunday slot on Money and the Bible. You should really read the post, but I’ll summarise by saying that FMF was commenting on someone else who had worked out how much their church gave [...]

plonkee competition winner

The winner of the first ever plonkee money competition is cleverdude. He was drawn out of the hat (actually a spud trooper helmet) and has elected to receive a gift certificate for amazon.com which will be winging its way to him shortly.
From his entry, the reasons that donating to charity improves his well being are:

supporting [...]

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