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quick posts from the last carnival of personal finance

Don’t forget to check out the carnival of personal finance hosted by greener pastures.
I particularly liked:

planning a budget when you don’t know how much things cost @ paradigm shifted - I really, really want to go to Mongolia. I’ve wanted to go for the last 9 years. I need to put it higher up on [...]

best of class in the carnival

Excited to say that I made the best of the debt section in the carnival of personal finance @ moolanomy. It has 98 articles for your perusal. If you’re a blogger and you want to┬ábe in the carnival┬ácheck out the homepage, read the rules, and then submit.

quick selection of great reads

Just a little something to tide you over the weekend:

free downloadable budget spreadsheet @ gather little by little - free is good, budgeting is good, spreadsheets are awesome, what’s not to like
financial IQ test @ moolanomy - questions to make you think about what you know, and don’t know about personal finance in several categories, [...]

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