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May 31, 2008

quick selection of great reads

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Just a little something to tide you over the weekend:

  • free downloadable budget spreadsheet @ gather little by little – free is good, budgeting is good, spreadsheets are awesome, what’s not to like
  • financial IQ test @ moolanomy – questions to make you think about what you know, and don’t know about personal finance in several categories, plus there are helpful links for more information on the different topics
  • 50 ways to save money by not wasting @ cleverdude – combine saving money with some top-notch eco-friendly ideas
  • why I’m glad I’m not a homeowner @ notes from the frugal trenches – yes, it’s true, homes cost you money. Lots of money. Rent whilst you can
  • starting a blog won’t make you rich @ mrs. micah – I can attest to the truth of this, as I’ve started a blog, and I’m not rich – by the way you might see an advert on this site for a loan of 183.2% APR I’d strongly suggest not taking it out 😉 I figure none of you are silly enough to do so anyway

Next week there are some exciting plans, I’ve got a guest post lined up, a couple of seasonal things in mind as well as some musings that I hope you’ll like.

Have a great weekend.

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