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single step personal finance challenge: house insurance

Mrs. Micah has been challenging people to take one step to make their financial system more organised. Well, I don’t know whether this counts or not, but I’ve just used the guide to getting cheaper house insurance on money saving expert to get buildings and contents insurance and I’ve saved myself £70.
This step is good, [...]

why you shouldn’t be tempted to run the sprinkler this summer

If you’re a lucky, lucky person and you’re in the northern hemisphere then it’s not only the middle of summer, it’s also pretty hot. Out in the garden, people with grassy green lawns need to keep them well-watered if they want to maintain their looks, lots of plants appreciate a good drenching with the hose, [...]

secret money saving trick

Don’t buy stuff.
Sounds stupid, but it’s true. If you stop buying things, you’ll save money. Not only the money that you spend on purchases, but the money that you spend because you need to store all the things that you’ve bought.
I’m sitting writing this post in my library/office/dining room (honestly, not a big space at [...]

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