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English and American expenses

In a follow up to my previous comparisons of UK and US tax burdens, I contacted Mrs. Micah to ask if we could compare our expenses. Mrs. Micah lives in Washington DC with her husband. I, on the otherhand, am happily single living on my own in an English provincial city. However, we have easily [...]

what to wear to a 3 day business conference?

Enough of this feminist nonsense, let’s talk about something exciting like clothes .
the problem
For my day job, I’m presenting a paper at a professional conference. It’s a 3 day event and it’s far enough away that I need to fly, I’ll be checking in to the conference hotel the night before. The programme is [...]

feminism is actually quite important to me

I’m a feminist. And, what’s worse I can be a little bit judgemental about it.
and the kind of feminist I am?…
I feel a little bit sad inside every time a woman mentions their name change after marriage. I don’t understand the obsession with comingled finances and shared bank accounts - an option, maybe but the [...]

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