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stealing ideas: the least important bill

Does anyone else go through phases of reading different blogs? After months of barely scanning it, I’ve started reading the other most popular personal finance blog again, the simple dollar. In particular, one of Trent’s latest posts about the least important bill caught my eye.
how many monthly bills do I have?
I’m sure that I’ve mentioned [...]

weathering the current financial storms

I think we can safely say that there is a minor financial crisis going on, as a big American investment bank went under yesterday. This is compounding in the UK the natural cycle of the housing market, which was overdue another collapse and is now definitely heading down.
But, what does this mean for the people [...]

grateful for my emergency fund

If you follow my twitter feed you’ll know that on Sunday, my house was broken into whilst I was out all day. I came back to find that the back door had partially been kicked on and that both laptops had been stolen, along with a camera, some papers and a couple of other bits [...]

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