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September 9, 2008

feminism is actually quite important to me

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I’m a feminist. And, what’s worse I can be a little bit judgemental about it.

and the kind of feminist I am?…

I feel a little bit sad inside every time a woman mentions their name change after marriage. I don’t understand the obsession with comingled finances and shared bank accounts – an option, maybe but the be all and end all?

Whilst stay at home parenting suits many people, why is the assumption that it’s the mother not challenged enough? Why do some women still aspire to nothing more than a nice home and kids, when men would be laughed out of the room for the same thing?

I don’t want kids. I don’t particularly like kids. So I really hate the way that’s touted as every woman’s manifest destiny, when a significant minority of women never have children.

Yes, before anyone asks, I’m single, and yes I’d rather remain single than put up with a bloke that wanted me to change my reasonable opinions on any of these things.

here’s something I really hated when I heard it

My latest, favourite example? Believe it or not, a friend of mine is a non-conformist minister. When he was interviewed for his first job in 2003 whilst still in seminary, he mentioned that he had just got engaged and would be married by the time he took up the post. Which is, probably reasonable. Less so is that one of the subsequent questions was about whether his wife to be would continue working after they were married. I mean, is there some kind of timewarp where mid 2003 turned into 1953? How is this ok?

and all this has what to do with money?

There’s going to be a personal finance point in here somewhere. Aah, yes, here it is. If you’re a woman, you should cultivate feminist tendencies where money is concerned. Nearly all *less feminist* choices that you can make, mean that you lose out on money.

Women can’t afford to lose out on money. Having a longer lifespan is a good thing, but it does mean that you need more for retirement. No marriage ever ends happily, neither divorce nor death are good things. But one or t’other is inevitable. Which is why you might want your own credit score, your own bank account, your name on the mortgage and the deeds, or the lease. If you have children you need insurance – on both partners.

Sensible personal finance women, be a feminist. It’ll save you money in the long run.

Men should also follow the same sort of advice.

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