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July 4, 2008

getting rid of unwanted things day

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So, today is American Independence day. Funnily enough, it’s not much celebrated in the UK but I thought in the erm spirit of cross-Atlantic friendship (?) I thought I’d reclaim it as ‘getting rid of unwanted things’ day ( 😐 ).

When you think about it, summer is a great time to get rid of clutter. If you’re lucky and it’s sunny, you can do a Life Laundry style thing where you take everything out of a room and put it in your garden, and then sort and get rid of as much as possible. In reality of course, here in the UK it’s not likely to be sunny.

But the strong chances of rain in the summer months mean that instead of moping round the house feeling sorry for yourself and counting down the days until your summer holiday you can get rid of all the junk that’s weighing you down.

Living a more simplified existence is quite a good money saving tactic. I mean, if you stop buying so much stuff that’ll save you money in the long run. De-cluttering can have more immediate benefits though. I tend to find:

  • stuff that I didn’t know that I had that is actually useful and so won’t need to repurchase
  • books that I haven’t read that will save me buying new ones
  • things that I could sell to make money or swap with friends

I also find that getting rid of junk is mentally freeing. I’m reasonably strongly affected by my surroundings, and am much happier when they are nice. And they aren’t nice if they’re full of things that I don’t need. I tend to think of de-cluttering as both free entertainment and an investment in my own happiness. It’s pretty much win-win for me, so next time the BBQ weather doesn’t quite happen on a summer’s afternoon, why not try chucking out some of your unwanted junk.

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