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nice weather for ducks

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Ok, so here in the UK we’ve not had a long, hot summer this year. In fact, it wouldn’t surprise me to discover it had rained every day for the last two months. In the official British weather hierarchy, this is the second worst possible state of weather - it would only be worse if it was also really cold. 

We must look on the bright side though, and rain is good for the budget. It means that I don’t need to buy any new summer clothes this year. It means that no one suggests impromptu (and expensive) trips to watch the local county cricket team play Twenty20. It means that I don’t feel the desire to head out of town to the beach.

In short, the torrential rain has meant that I actually haven’t wanted to leave the house at all, not even to fritter away some money on sweets. Its not like I’ve felt cooped up either, just one look at the amount of rain that lashing down makes me long to settle in with a good book or an old film, and we’ve also been lucky enough to have a free show, courtesy of thunder and lightening.

In short, its nice weather for ducks, and its nice weather for the frugal

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