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thank crunchie its friday

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I like food.

I particularly like the food on Fridays because at work on a Friday we have a breakfast sandwich round. I often (but not always) partake of these because I am very fond of bacon sandwiches and it feels quite decadent to order out for food and have it delivered to work. Its actually not very expensive either. It costs around £1.50 - £2 for a buttie (about $3-$4) which, for something that makes me feel great (and replaces a more expensive lunch) is pretty much a bargain.

Although being frugal is important, there’s a lot to be said for indulging in small pleasures, as long as the pleasure you get outweighs the money you spend. For me, having a bacon buttie once or twice a month brings a lot of pleasure for little cost. However, the half litre of diet coke that I buy and drink every workday morning doesn’t. I need to cut it out. There’s no point in spending money on things that you don’t need, that don’t make you feel good.

Almost all of my semi-regular treats revolve around food (yes, I am aware that’s not good from a health perspective) and I need to start making sure that they are treats, and not just ordinary purchases.

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