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September 30, 2008

incidental expenses whilst travelling

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Travelling can be hard work. I got back from the Munich Oktoberfest on Monday in an epic 12 hours, (including an hour at work picking up and sorting out my replacement laptop).

One of the biggest problems with extended journeys, especially on the way home is that it’s often slightly boring, and you end up spending money for something to do. I didn’t do too badly, I picked up some sweets for work at the airport, where I also had a slice of cake and a Sprite. Then on possibly the most circuitous route from Heathrow to my house, I bought a cookie at one of the places I had to change.

I wasn’t really being good, I was just too tired, otherwise I might have bought a magazine or a book to read, plus ideally I’d have had a chance to get some actual lunch (Lufthansa gave out a snack, but I don’t like salami sandwiches – fussy I know).

With flights, now that you can’t bring your own drinks in, I just put up with the fact that I’m going to buy an overpriced coke or something there. I did hear a pretty cool suggestion of taking in a collapsible water bottle and filling that up, although I don’t know if it’s against the rules.

Most of my fun travel is actually by train in any case so I pick up a bottle of something sweet on the way, and some food if needed. It’s generally cheaper to buy neither in the station nor on the train. I’m never sure what to do about entertaining myself on a trip which is why there have been many emergency magazine and book purchases. I guess a newspaper would work out cheaper.

How do you cope with incidental expenses whilst travelling? Do you just suck them up? Go without? Or any other great ideas?

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