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poor money skills

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For those of you who subscribe to my feed, I should let you know that the url of my new site is plonkee.com.

Onto more exciting things now. I’be been a bit lax of late in managing my finances well. I met up with some friends on the weekend and managed to spend about £50 on lunch for the three of us. I’ve also had to fork out money for a posh frock, for travelling to see the said friends, not to mention my general frittering away of cash. I’m also going away again next weekend. Thats mostly paid for, but there’s always additional expense. When I’m away I tend to eat out more, and I’m going to Ireland so there’s the exchange rate factor to think about.

What techniques should I use to manage my day to day finances better? Is it just will power? Do I need to relate the little purchase to my goals? Should I record what I spend in more detail?

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