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November 13, 2007

going to university is worth the money

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At the moment, I have exactly two debts. My mortgage and my student loan. My student loan balance is in the region of £10k-£11k I think and since it’s the interest rate is tied to inflation, it’s being paid off at the lowest possible rate.

I have never considered my university education a financial investment, even though it is, in part. I didn’t get my degree in order to get a better paid job, although I probably wouldn’t have paid to go if it was going to hinder my job prospects.

I went to University because I wanted to leave home, and because I wanted to study my chosen subject (to the uninitiated, one the doesn’t obviously lead to a well-paid job). I invested the time and money in myself. (I was going to say ‘improving’ but that might be a little hasty, I should probably stick with altering.)

This investment has paid off handsomely. I know a lot more than I did before I left home to study. My degree taught me to think critically and logically, which I find useful everywhere. I made some great friends, and developed a lot of confidence through living away from home, and the other opportunities that presented themselves whilst I was a student.

In terms of financial reward, I’ve done ok. I could be earning the same sort of money that I’m on now anyway, even if I hadn’t been to university. But I probably wouldn’t have found the career that I love.

Overall, going to university has been well worth the money.

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