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financial decisions in the last fortnight

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Since last weekend was the Easter Bank Holiday, I didn’t post about my financial decisions. So I’ll bring you up to date with this post.

On the plus side, I’ve planned my ISAs for 2007-08. I’m contributing to a mini cash ISA from Barclays which pays out at 6.5% (only for new money) and I’m also contributing to a mini stocks and shares ISA from Fidelity. In the stocks and shares ISA, I’ll be contributing to the Fidelity Moneybuilder UK Index Fund as it is the FTSE All Share tracker with the lowest fees that I’ve found. The cash ISA is simply the highest “normal” rate that I could find. In addition, I have finally joined the library, which should save me a little in book purchases but also make me happier.

On the negative side, I’ve already spent a lot of my allowance for this month on stuff, especially going out. I went out at Easter with some friends and I went out with people at work this week. Beer is expensive.

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