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what shall we do with the drunken plonkee?

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Aah, the cost of forgetfulness and trying to pack up on the morning after the night before.

I went to a black tie do last night in another city and stayed overnight in a hotel. There was an open bar and so I took full advantage. I was functioning well and didn’t embarrass myself. All seemed good this morning, even though I was hungover and probably still slightly drunk.

I packed up my stuff, put my money back in my purse from my evening bag and left for the station. I was about to get to on the train when I realised that I couldn’t find my ticket. There were two possibilities. Either it was in my hidden in the recesses of my overnight bag, or I had left it at my hotel. Wherever it was, it was in the company of my library card, my supermarket loyalty card and some first class stamps.

In my tired and emotional state, I decided that the best thing to do was to buy another ticket. So thats another £23 wasted this month.

What we should do with the drunken plonkee is not entrust her with important tasks.

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