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supermarket loyalty cards

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Recently I received my Tesco loyalty card points. If you don’t know what these are, they are effectively a form of cashback on your supermarket shopping. In exchange the supermarkets track your shopping and target their marketing more effectively towards you.

In addition to the standard voucher for £2 (I don’t spend too much in a quarter at the supermarket) I also got additional vouchers promising me more points if I buy particular items. What I like about these is that I would almost certainly have bought the items anyway. I have vouchers for cheese, tuna, apples, bacon and a magazine that I am almost certain to pay out for. When these vouchers are converted into points and then back into money to spend at Tescos, I will have got about a third off those items. Seems as if I’m a winner.

The only drawback is that its starting to sound to good to be true. Should I be worrying? Or feeling confident that I’m beating the supermarkets at their own game.

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