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it rained inside my house

And, the hidden costs of owning a house have reared their ugly heads.
At the front of my house is a bay window with its own little roof. It rained quite heavily today, and the carpet under the bay is wet, there’s also a reasonable likelihood that part of the ceiling is going to come down [...]

personal finance education is like…

I’m thinking that a financial education has lots in common with sex education. Some people think that it should be taught in school, others say that it’s the responsibility of parents to educate and schools should leave it well alone. Some people feel strongly about abstinence in sex education, and some people feel strongly opposed [...]

…and when the luck begins

and when the luck begins, it’s like a wedding,
which is like love, which is like everything.
Alice Oswald

Sometimes I think that for a single person, I find the process of planning a wedding a bit too fascinating. It’s just that they always seem to be like real life, but on a more confined scale with lots and lots [...]

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