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fringe benefits of being employed

The benefits of going to work for a living.
There are many ways of generating an income, and lots of people seem to ideologically favour working for yourself, or working at home. Being your own boss is the great way to wealth apparently. Probably wouldn’t work for me, but each to their own.
One of the things [...]

sunk cost fallacy

Once you’ve irrevocably paid for something you should take that into account when considering what to do next.
Err. No.
Once the money (or time or effort) is gone, then it’s gone. There’s no point in worrying about this.
I was on a great forum the other day for people who are interested in playing classical music. In [...]

keeping down the Smiths

Less worry about what other people are doing.
If there’s one thing that’s more foolish than attempting to keep up with the Joneses, it’s trying to make sure that the Smiths can’t keep up with you.
I was out at dinner last night, and the conversation turned to my least favourite subject - immigrants are stealing all [...]

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