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December 9, 2008

a little something on the side?

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side income sources are more popular than you think

I work in a team of around 21 people, including myself. Of those 21 people, seven (that I know of) have source of income aside from their jobs. Three are landlords, two are basically ebay dealers, and the other has a custom printing business (and there’s me, with a website).

Normally, I think of side or additional income as being a very minority interest, but one third of my team, whilst still a minority, is actually quite a large minority. And these aren’t the sort of people you’d think of as being entrepreneurial at all.

None of us are actually planning on giving up our day jobs to pursue these full time. I really like my job, and that’s a common sentiment where I work. Also, these are definitely side gigs that would be pretty hard to make serious money from full time.

It does go to show that if you still have any spare time, you can leverage it into money if you want to. Maybe not a great deal of money, but it all adds up – and if it comes from a hobby, then that’s definitely killing two birds with one stone.

I’ve made suggestions for generating additional income before, jobs, businesses and weird ideas. But, now that we’re all in recession perhaps it’s a good time to dust off the lists and see what we can come up with together. I’ll start with my favourite five, why not add yours to the comments:

  • relief registrar – get paid to marry people in civil ceremonies
  • niche blogging – exploit the long tail of the internet
  • mystery shopping – not so much an income as a free lunch
  • PC troubleshooting and repair – I might pay for this if my computer broke
  • jewellery making – set yourself up with an Etsy shop

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