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July 12, 2007

additional income possibilities: side jobs

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One way of keeping more money is to bring in some additional income. If you have a regular full-time job, then unless you really need the money, I probably wouldn’t recommend getting a permanent part-time job as it’ll knacker you out and quality of of life now is as important as the future. On the other hand, there are (employed)� jobs that you can do that are much more flexible. I’ve listed a few below:

Exam Invigilator
If you live near a college or University, then you may be able to get work as an exam invigilator making sure that the candidates aren’t chatting away or passing notes and generally maintaining the integrity of the exam as well as passing out extra paper and being glad that you aren’t taking an exam. Exams in academic institutions usually take place in two seasons, in the winter (between November and January, depending on the institution) and the main summer session (usually during May and June) and sessions can range from 1 to 3 hours, plus set up and clearing away time. There is also the possibility of invigilating for professional exams, that may be at other times of the year and some schools employ external invigilators. The flexibility of this job depends on the institution you are working for, but there is often the possibility of only carrying out a few sessions in any one exam season.

Temporary Deputy Registrar
Some registration districts employ extra deputy registrars in the summer to take weddings and civil partnerships in registered buildings on an ad hoc basis. The main disqualifiers for this job are being either a midwife or a religious minister as it would be a conflict of interest. You need to have smart clothes (like a suit or something) and you’ll almost certainly need access to a car as registered buildings (typically hotels, golf clubs and stately homes) are usually spread all over the district and may not have good public transport access.� Another aspect of the job is enforcing the law with respect to getting married or joining together in civil partnership, in practice this means reporting suspicions of marriages solely for the purpose of immigration and ensuring that there is no religious content to the service. Side benefits of this job consist mainly of the joy of watching other people get married or join in civil partnership – perhaps not a job for the single and bitter, the unhappily married or those opposed to gay weddings.

Clerk to School Governors
School governors are not employed, although they can claim expenses but in large schools they often employ clerks to take minutes and maintain associated paperwork. Usually governors meetings take place for a couple of hours between four and six times a year in the evenings. This job would suit someone with good secretarial skills and able to maintain the privacy of the meetings – note that you won’t be involved in making the decisions so this might not be for you if you have strong opinions on the education and policies of the school in question.

Seasonal Retail
Christmas is the best time of year to get a temporary part-time job in retail. Most shops recruit at the beginning of autumn and like to have seasonal staff in place to work between October and the January sales. Pay is not necessarily high, but can be worthwhile especially as it is generally possible to get evening and weekend shifts. Side benefits may include employee discounts on merchandise and subsidised canteens.

Have you got any other ideas for temporary employment?

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