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looking for good personal finance books

What do you look for in a personal finance book?
There’s been a discussion on Christian personal finance books on The Simple Dollar.
As a matter of interest, Trent, who writes the Simple Dollar ,happens to be a Christian, if pushed I’d guess he was a liberal to conservative Christian. Of course, since that’s fairly mainstream American [...]

Merry Christmas Everybody

Happy Christmas Everyone.
I’m enjoying a fairly traditional Christmas at my dad’s house this year. One of my brothers wakes everyone up much earlier than is necessary (except me, I’m the eldest child therefore I sleep in or they’re all dead). We all, including my dad, have Christmas stockings plus my dad hides small gifts round [...]

saving money: conventionally or unconventionally?

There’s a thread in the GRS forums where some nice seeming dude is asking for suggestions as to what he should do with his finances. He has a reasonable amount of consumer debt (including $3k on wedding bands), and wants to save for a wedding and a house deposit plus he has good cashflow. As [...]

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