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a retirement calculator for you

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I revisited my retirement plan the other day. I’ve got a really geeky spreadsheet that I can play with to work out whether I’d be on track to retire under different scenarios. Anyway, I realised that I’d forgotten to include my stocks and shares ISA into the mix, even though I plan to use that money for retirement.

Guess what I discovered.

If I maintain my current contributions (increasing them only with inflation) I’ll be able to retire a full 10 years earlier than I originally expected, providing that my annual investment return is about 4% above inflation. Of course I intend to ramp up my contributions rather than keep them relatively level as I put half of every pay rise into investments.

To me, this is quite exciting news, especially as the new possible retirement date is actually about the time that I’ll have paid off the house. And of course, my definition of rich is not having to work for a living.

sharing my retirement calculator

I know that some of you are also spreadsheet fans, so if you’d like to have a play with my retirement calculator then why not download it?

It’s all zipped up for you and works in both Excel and also the free Open Office spreadsheet program. If you spot any bugs or flaws please let me know.

You can tweak quite a few variables to come up with different scenarios, I hope you like it

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16 comments for “a retirement calculator for you”

  1. I get a page saying ‘Download does not exist!’ from that link.

    Posted by Keiron Nicholson | September 5, 2008, 2:37 pm
  2. @Keiron:
    That should be fixed now. Goes to show that you can’t check things enough.

    Posted by plonkee | September 5, 2008, 3:04 pm
  3. Plonkee - send me the spreadsheet that shows how I can assure myself annual returns averaging 4% above the inflation rate!

    Seriously, thanks for this. I will check it out.

    Posted by Mr. ToughMoneyLove | September 5, 2008, 3:44 pm
  4. @Keiron:

    You get that if you try to download it from an RSS reader. For some reason the readers replace the ‘_’ with a ‘%20′

    To get the file download directly from this page

    Posted by David | September 5, 2008, 3:46 pm
  5. @Mr. ToughMoneyLove:
    Yeah, when I find it, I’ll let you all know. :)

    Posted by plonkee | September 5, 2008, 3:55 pm
  6. Thanks! Over the next few weeks, I need to start figuring out retirement plans for my husband and me. This will be a nice start.

    Posted by Mydailydollars | September 6, 2008, 1:27 pm
  7. I have no clue how you figure out when you can retire so I’m going to make use of your calculator, thank you!

    Posted by Frugal Trenches | September 6, 2008, 5:48 pm
  8. Hi plonkee, very useful calculator, thank you

    I have a final salary scheme with work, which got frozen June 30th. Is there any way of finding out the cash value of final salary schemes?
    It pays out £4,600 pa at 65

    Posted by no more spending | September 7, 2008, 7:58 am
  9. What a great tool, I love spreadsheets. Thanks Plonkee!

    Posted by Maggie | September 8, 2008, 3:01 pm
  10. Gotta love this! I’m going to check this out.

    Thanks for the tool.

    Posted by Sam @ Fix My Personal Finance | September 9, 2008, 6:48 am
  11. Thanks for putting this together Plonkee. Very useful tool to use.

    Posted by Jane | September 9, 2008, 2:22 pm
  12. It seems like personal spreadsheets usually make a lot of sense to the creator, but generally take some time for other people to get acquainted to the way that they work. This one seems like a good starting point for me though, seems pretty straight forward. Thanks for the spreadsheet.

    Posted by Joe | September 9, 2008, 5:56 pm
  13. I think your link to download the spreadsheet isn’t working again. I got a “it’s not here” type of message. Help!


    Posted by Gian | October 25, 2010, 3:43 am

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