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March 10, 2008

basic guide to Stocks and Shares ISAs: introduction

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the guide to Stocks and Shares ISAsFor a while now, I’ve had a trickle of requests for a basic guide to investing in Stocks and Shares ISAs. As I want to go through things carefully, I’ve split all the details into several different parts, starting with thinking about yourself and what you want with the money, and moving into what there is available, and the nuts and bolts of products and investments.

I’m not an investment professional. I am no more qualified than you are to give advice on investing. All I have done is put together freely available information about how to advise yourself on ISA investing. This guide isn’t completely comprehensive, but I’ve tried to aim it at someone who really doesn’t know anything about investing at all. Where I make assumptions, I’ll try to point them out.

Whenever I write a long piece of work, I always leave the introduction to the end, and this is no exception. Throughout the guide, I’ve found myself referring to this basic principle, which is so important that I’m going to stress it at the beginning:

A Stocks and Shares ISA is just a container

An ISA can only do as well as the investments that are put in it. Choosing which investments to put in an ISA is a bit of an art, but as long as you are willing to make mistakes to learn I’m confident that you can find an investment that you are comfortable with. Choosing which ISA container to put your investments in, does depend a little on what investments they are, but it’s much easier to categorically say that one container is better than another.

What I want to do in the guide is help you start to learn how to choose the right sorts of investments for you and also show you some of the best (cheapest) Stocks and Shares ISA containers.

Coming up in the basic guide to Stocks and Shares ISAs:

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