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because some days…

because some days, I can has cheezburger is too good. And personal finance related.

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what is good to do in New York?

My sister and her boyfriend¬†are going to New York in a few weeks, and I promised that I’d ask whether anyone had any tips, or ideas for things that they might want to do whilst they’re out there.
I guess that they’ll want to see tourist-y things, and she’s not into personal finance, but loves clothes. [...]

personal finance is like public health

I drink far too much caffeine
I have an excuse though. At work we get free (instant) coffee and tea, and I don’t like tea. Of course, that’s a simplification. After complaints, there’s now a choice of coffees, you can have Fairtrade caffeinated coffee, Nescafe caffeinated coffee or Nescafe decaffeinated coffee. I’m not a big fan [...]

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