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why are there many dodgy salesmen, but not as many dodgy saleswomen?

A story by Ron @ The Wisdom Journal reminded me that it’s not uncommon for now respectable members of the personal finance blogging community to have once been salesmen of slightly dodhy insurance policies and other products. I use the word salesmen advisedly, as although there are nearly as many women blogging about personal finance [...]

when sharing finances, do you split equally?

My sister was visiting me last week, and naturally (!) the conversation turned to personal finance. A few months ago, she moved into a very nice little flat with her boyfriend - they’ve been together for several years now.
As it happens, he earns slightly more than her, probably in the region of £200 per month [...]

credit cards are like alcohol

A while ago, Patrick @ Cash Money Life wrote about how credit cards are like guns. Well, this English person doesn’t like guns in the slightest and willfully and deliberately fails to think of a good reason to have them around. You might think that’s a touch irrational if you’re not British, so just remember [...]

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