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quick selection of great reads

Just a little something to tide you over the weekend:

free downloadable budget spreadsheet @ gather little by little - free is good, budgeting is good, spreadsheets are awesome, what’s not to like
financial IQ test @ moolanomy - questions to make you think about what you know, and don’t know about personal finance in several categories, [...]

what do you think of bankruptcy?

I wrote just the other day about a slightly random conversation that I had with someone who had declared bankruptcy a few years ago.
I’m very strongly of the opinion that bankruptcy is necessary for a good economy. Without it, it becomes impossible for people to take business risks and individuals can become mired in debt [...]

just pointing out some new things

In case you haven’t heard, there’s a great new source of personal finance articles from around the pfblogosphere at pfbuzz. It’s a social networking site (like Digg or reddit or stumble upon) which focusses on personal finance the brainchild of Pinyo @ moolanomy. Go, submit posts that you like, and vote. If you want more [...]

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