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April 14, 2008

reminder about organ donation

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I know this is a little off topic for a personal finance blog, but it was inspired by a comment that guinness416 left on my gift economy post but seriously folks when you’re dead, get your organs donated if possible. I genuinely can’t think of a single good reason why you shouldn’t.

The thing to do, is to be on an organ donor register if you’re in an opt-in system and to not opt out if you’re in an opt out system.

The next thing to do, is to inform your nearest and dearest that in the event of your untimely demise, you want your organs donated. This can be hard to bring up – my preferred choice was to say:

Just to let you know, if you die and they’ll take your organs, I’m going to have them donated. Feel free to do the same for me. 

Because, that’s another point. You’re probably more likely to be involved in the decision to donate someone else’s organs as you are to have your own donated. As you can tell, I think that (as a strong default) you should go ahead and donate their organs if you can. I’d probably want to donate regardless of the feelings of the now dead person, but I can be hard-hearted, you’ll have to make your own minds up.

But the important thing really, is to think about what you would do in advance. And then hope that it never comes up.

And while we’re on the subject of death, don’t forget that you should have a will, and sufficient life insurance

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