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pfblogsround 16th March 2008

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So many blogs, so little time. Some great posts I’ve read recently are:

  • making a good first impression @ clever dude.  I think this is supposed to be about going for a job interview, but it’s actually great advice on meeting anyone for the first time in a professional setting - whether that be a new client, the big boss, or your first day at work
  • 9 ideas for making money this Easter @ in-debt net. Everyone needs more good money making ideas, and these are pretty good. And this is a British blog, so it’s even better
  • our story part III: the moral of the tale @ rocket finance. My good friend rocketc has posted how he and his wife made more than $5000 in credit card bonuses and the like, which meant that they balanced their books in 2007 for the first time in years. Way to go rocketc.
  • how to get a job - learn the secret from a bad movie @ wisebread. I feel that my propensity for watching terrible films can now be justified - sometimes they come up with little gems of advice.

In case some of you weren’t reading plonkee money this time last year, here’s a recap of some of the best posts of March 2007.

  •  what does being rich mean?I have to work hard now, and save and invest money, because there is nowhere else that the money will come from.
  • misunderstanding pensionsA pension isn’t something to be mistrusted; it’s just a set of rules. Your best weapon in preventing mis-selling is to educate yourself.
  • comparison of US and UK investment conceptsRoth IRAs and Stocks and Shares ISAs are similar investments but there are significant differences in the rules in each scheme.

If you were reading this time last year, thanks ever so much for sticking with me, there will be plenty more good content to come. Next week sees the remaining parts of the guide to Stocks and Shares ISAs, and apparently being super-busy at work gives me great post ideas (just not enough time to write them all). If you’ve got a suggestion or a question that you’d like covered here, drop me a line.

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