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don’t forget to use your ISA allowances

If you have more money to put in your ISAs for the 2007-08 financial year, you have until 5th April to do so.
The allowed amounts are up to £3000 in a mini cash ISA, up to £4000 in a mini stocks and shares ISA, and up to £7000 in a maxi ISA (basically stocks and [...]

my top 5 excuses for paying too much for clothes

I often feel that as a personal finance blogger, I should be more frugal in my purchasing. Although I don’t throw money away exactly, I’m also not a follower of some of the most basic “being frugal” advice that there is. This is particularly true of clothes.
I usually pay full price for my clothes from [...]

basic guide to Stocks and Shares ISA: conclusions

For a while now, I’ve had a trickle of requests for a basic guide to investing in UK Stocks and Shares ISAs. As I want to go through things carefully, I’ve split all the details into several different parts, starting with thinking about yourself and what you want with the money, and moving into what [...]

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