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February 1, 2008

how can I persuade my boss to promote me?

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fashion in motionLately, I’ve been incredibly tired, due to being so busy at work. I think that I’ve got on average 6 days of work a week until the end of the financial year in March, with every possibility of it all being extended.

This is a problem, because I only have five days a week, and a blessing because my skills are specifically in demand. Each of the 6 projects that I’m supposed to be working on has requested me by name.

When I mentioned my busy-ness to my boss, he semi-jokingly said that I’d be looking for a promotion in April. Not wanting to pass up an opportunity to plant ideas in his head, I semi-jokingly replied that was exactly the case.

One of my goals for this year is to gain chartership and use that in part to get me a promotion. I intended to push more for a promotion in October (they occur bi-annually). On further quizzing of my boss, he said that he (probably) would support me in a bid for a promotion in April, but the powers that be (amorphous and undisclosed) may think that I need more time at this grade.

My performance review (which I hate) is coming up on 18th February, and that’s the best time to make an out and out pitch. We have corporate values and so on, that I was planning on mapping my achievements this year to. And I was intending to map out all the things that I’ve done that are really above and beyond the level that I’m at. But, after that, I get a bit stuck.

Who would like to give me some tips on persuading my boss that he really, really does want to support my promotion?

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