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December 17, 2007

want to find out more about personal finance? try using Stumble Upon

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When you are trying to develop your ideas on personal finance, one of the most important things you can do is read a wide variety of opinions. Everyone has a different take on things, and the more widely you read, the better you will be able to form your own judgement on personal finance, and better learn what will work for you.

Although I subscribe to a number of blogs for my personal finance fix, one of my favourite ways of trying to find another point of view is to surf randomly through some personal finance websites. My tool of choice for this is Stumble Upon.

how it works: the toolbar

To take the advantage of Stumble Upon for reading about personal finance, you need to download the toolbar from the website and set up one of your preferences as “financial-planning.


Then when you fancy a little extra reading simply click on the green and blue “Stumble” button in the tool bar to be taken to a random website that has been nominated in one of your preferences.

getting better sites: thumbs up and down

You’ll notice that on the your toolbar there are two thumbs buttons, a thumbs up, and a thumbs down. Stumble Upon would like to send you more articles that you enjoy and fewer that you don’t. If you like a webpage, click the thumbs up button (it will turn green) and if you don’t like a webpage, click the thumbs down button (it will turn red).

Stumble Upon will try and send you things that are more like your thumbs up selections, and less like your thumbs down selections. When other people with similar interests to you thumb up an article, then Stumble Upon will guess that you might like it too, and add it to your random stumbles.

adding to the community: submitting and sharing

How does Stumble Upon know about sites? Stumble Upon users submit sites. You can submit any site by clicking on the green thumb. If it hasn’t already been submitted, you can fill in a short review, putting it into the right category, and add any tags that you think are relevant.

You can also make friends through Stumble Upon. (I’d love for you to be my friend). Friends can send each other sites that they like, with comments, and you can choose to Stumble through just the articles that your friends have submitted. You can also review other Stumble Upon users, including your friends, so if someone finds lots of good articles, let them know.

Happy Stumbling.

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