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November 30, 2007

a tale of two men – a guest post

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Guest blogger Ryan Healy is gradually making changes in his own life. Read his story of debt reduction here and subscribe to his feed.

Consider this.

One man lives modestly. He contents himself with simple pleasures: reading, good food, and friendship.

He aspires to live a good life. So he finds fulfilling work and pursues those things he is passionate about.

In all this, he earns some money, spends some money, and saves some money. He avoids using credit.

Thirty years later, this man is healthy, happy, and content. He has saved enough to live comfortably and continue doing those things he loves.

Another man lives extravagantly. He indulges in luxury: fancy cars, big houses, and beautiful women.

He desires to be noticed. So he finds a high-profile corporate job and does not what he loves, but what will provide him with the biggest paycheck.

In all this, he earns a lot of money, spends even more, and saves nothing. He uses credit and carries a balance.

Thirty years later, this man is unhealthy, unhappy, and discontent. He has no savings. He continues working in a job he doesn’t like so he can keep his creditors at bay.

The lives of these two men are vastly different. What made the difference?

One man sought no public approval; only a life of simple pleasures. In the end, he found what he was looking for and was glad of it.

The other sought to be noticed. He filled himself on the fruit of pride. But pride was no easy master; it drove him to excess. In the end, he was financially and emotionally ruined.

The lives of these two men are instructive if you will but take a moment for self-reflection. You follow their patterns to one degree or another. And so you must ask yourself, “What master am I serving?”

How you answer that question will tell you much about your future and what changes you might need to make.

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