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carnivals and festivals this week

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Fellow m-network member david @ my two dollars hosted the carnival of personal finance this week, and my post working towards my dream life was selected as one of the editor’s choices. Which is good. My favourite was what to do when you’re short on rent @ money under 30. Always remember that tax and housing are the two most important bills to pay, it’s not about who shouts loudest, it’s about what will have the worst consequences.

Another m-network member, paidtwice @ I’ve paid for this twice already… hosted the festival of frugality. For once I had a post about frugality (sort of), when is a sale not a sale?  and that was included. I particularly liked credit cards: impressive sign of an idiot @ the wastrel show. I may not agree with every point in this polite rant on the credit card poor deal, but it’s certainly thought provoking.

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