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a tale of two men - a guest post

Guest blogger Ryan Healy is gradually making changes in his own life. Read his story of debt reduction here and subscribe to his feed.

Consider this.
One man lives modestly. He contents himself with simple pleasures: reading, good food, and friendship.
He aspires to live a good life. So he finds fulfilling work and pursues those things he [...]

save money on your trip to DC: prudent financial planning - a guest post

A guest post from the wonderful Mrs. Micah who blogs about finance and life. If When you enjoy this post, consider subscribing to her feed.
Since Plonkee’s visiting DC this week, I thought it would be appropriate to make my guest post about DC. DC’s a great place to visit. It doesn’t have to [...]

motivation - and where to find it - a guest post

Today’s guest post is from fellow m-network member paidtwice over at I’ve paid for it twice already… where she blogs about her progress in snowflaking her way out of debt. If you like this post (which you will) why not subscribe to her feed.
One of the biggest ways I personally have found to be [...]

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