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pfblogsround 17th October 2007

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I feel that its about time that I drew your attention to some of the latest excellent posts from around the personal finance blogging world.

From blog action day:

  • brip blap’s take is different but oh so right
  • patrick @ cash money life discusses green energy
  • glblguy @ gather little by little gives us 10 mutual funds for a greener future
  • annie @ in-debt net suggests that we have an ‘off grid day‘

On other topics:

  • 132 items of clothing gone @ cleverdude, I find that decluttering stuff is extremely liberating
  • debunking retirment myths part 1 @ consumerism commentary, don’t fall victim to any of these
  • money vs. time off @ the digerati life, if you want a resolution for 2008, I strongly suggest that you take the time off that you’ve earned
  • I think Dave Ramsey is a hypocrite @ free money finance, I’m not bothered either way, but feel free to weigh in on this debate
  • are your charitable donations going to the right place @ getting green, an excellent question, be sure that you know the answers for yourself

Don’t forget to check out the amazing Dr Seuss themed carnival of personal finance hosted by the mighty bargain hunter.

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  1. Thanks for the mention. :)

    Posted by Patrick | October 17, 2007, 10:08 pm

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