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October 16, 2007

an unwelcome surprise

Filed under: OT — plonkee @ 8:39 pm

I’ve been away on a business trip for the last couple of days,  and when I came back to my house this evening it was dark and absolutely tipping it down with rain. I went into my bag, took out my keys, and unlocked the door. When I reached for the door handle to open the door, I discovered it wasn’t there.

Someone has very generously unscrewed the door handle and then attacked the door with something like a chisel in an attempt to break in. They didn’t manage to, and thanks to some handle swapping antics that I got up to with the invaluable help of my friend, I was finally (an hour later) able to get in to my house.

I haven’t quite decided what the lesson is here yet, but I’m not exactly a happy bunny.

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