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an investment property should ‘wash its face’

There are two recurring contradictory pieces of news in the UK about the housing market. The first is that prices are about to crash, and the second is that there isn’t enough supply to meet projected demand. It wouldn’t surprise me if both were true, but over different timescales.
One thing that is agreed upon about [...]

fiesta time

Its the Hallowe’en festival of frugality over at being frugal. I particularly liked expense accounts: are you as frugal as normal? @ no paper money. The short answer to this is yes, the long answer includes weighing up the fact that I am not particularly frugal or extravagant in general, I don’t pay too much [...]

when is a sale not a sale?

On my way home from work is a small branch of a very large supermarket chain. I often pop in to pick up things that I need and to see if there are any good reduced items. I was looking at the items that had been marked down for a quick sale, when I noticed [...]

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