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I’m back online

Hooray, I’m back online.
Unfortunately, a bunch of formatting got lost in my exciting server down / site being hacked adventure, in particular I think that my sidebars have gone a bit Pete Tong and the colours are definitely off. I’ll attempt to rectify them as soon as practical, but its not going to be [...]

i’m coming to dc

So, I ended up buying up plane tickets to DC.
I get in on Wed Nov 28 at 14:10 and leaving at 21:55 0n Mon 3 Dec.
Ideally someone will suggest a DC pfblogger (plus me) meet up.
Or failing that give me some great ideas as to what to do.
I’m so second guessing this decision.

never say never

When it comes to debt and investing, it seems to me that there are two camps. Some people think that if you can make more from investing than you are paying out in debt interest, you should put extra money towards investing. On the opposing side, there are the fans of Dave Ramsey (amongst others) [...]

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