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carnivals of the week

The carnival of personal finance is up at free money finance. You can check out yet another post on insurance, or the following excellent posts:

pf blogs i read and why @ graceful retirement, should you require further reading beyond plonkee money and the m-network
5 things the marshmallow test can teach you about money @ millionaire [...]

car sharing clubs

A car sharing club or scheme is a sort of mini car rental. You join the scheme and then you are entitled to rent a car, whenever one is available paying a per hour charge for the priviledge. I decided to look at Whizzgo, which have several locations across the country to see what circumstances [...]

who do you donate to and why?

I think that people should donate money or time, including atheists like me and theists, to good causes. I also think that you should carefully consider your choice of good causes.
I donate money to Oxfam, a large overseas aid and development charity, and to Scope, a charity that supports individuals with cerebral palsy. I am [...]

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