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pfblogsround for the August Bank Holiday

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Wonders will never cease. Its the August Bank Holiday weekend and the sun is shining beautifully. So lets all take our computers outside and check out some of the best personal finance posts of this week. From the m-network:

  • financial dominance says “now may be the time to replace your old gas guzzler“, plonkee says “any time is a great time to go without a car”
  • glblguy says “good debt? there is no such thing“, plonkee says “be wary of absolutes”
  • paid twice has some reflections from the checkout line, plonkee says “some people should be have a separate queue where they can’t annoy everyone else”
  • being frugal says “do you realise that you are in debt?“, plonkee says “I do now”
  • moolanomy asks us about the “top 10 money wasters, are you guilty?“, plonkee says “as charged on 5, 6 and 9″

From elsewhere:

  • golbguru asks “why do people accept wedding gifts?“, plonkee says “because it is the culturally appropriate thing to do, that and greed”
  • queercents talks about “sleeping with money: sugar mama“, plonkee says “life is too short to stress because your boy/girlfriend wants to treat you - just maintain a sense of dignity”

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