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getting out of debt the British way

On 29th December 2006 the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland made her final repayments on loans from the United States of America and from Canada taken out in 1945. The loans were incurred, not as a direct result of paying for the second world war, but in contrast to the American and [...]

investing for the nervous

You know those tv adverts for investments that always point out that the value of your investments may do down as well as up? They’re completely right. In fact, they understate the case. I reckon that every single serious investment (as opposed to say a savings account) held in a sensible manner will go down in value.

additional income: stoozing, or credit card arbitrage

what exactly is stoozing?
Its the practice of borrowing money for free from credit card companies, and then putting it into savings accounts in order to collect the interest. Its also known as credit card arbitrage, and there have been aficionados for some time. According to some the word ’stoozing’ is derived from an early exponent [...]

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