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OT rant on getting things delivered

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Apologies for this, I’m going to rant about delivery companies and internet service providers.

I’m setting up broadband in my new house, and am supposed to be receiving a free wireless router and two microfilters from my new ISP. I’ve got one microfilter, but not the other filter or the router. After a couple of emails to the ISP, I was given the tracking number, but they didn’t think to tell me the name of the delivery company. I had to phone up and get that.

According to the delivery company website they attempted to deliver the package twice. On the same day. Naturally, I wasn’t in (being in employment). They didn’t leave a card.  The delivery company website has no phone number and in their FAQ direct all further questions to the sender of the goods. Oh and the depot is about 5 miles away and I don’t have a car. Aaaaargh.

Probably serves me right for trying to go with a competitive broadband service. There is a reason that I avoid having anything delivered to the house unless I’m sure that it will turn up on the weekend. Someone should think of a good way round this problem.

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