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July 5, 2007

the Blairs are typical

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Last night I watched a vaguely interesting interview programme with Cherie Booth QC (better known as Cherie Blair, wife of the former Prime Minister). One of the topics that was touched upon was her paid public speaking career for which she has received considerable flack in the media and about which she was very defensive. It was implied in some of the secondary material around the interview (i.e. not by Cherie herself) that she undertook this work primarily because of money issues.

Piers Morgan (former tabloid editor) stated categorically that in undertaking paid speaking engagements she was fleecing the system. I’m not sure whether or not that is fair – it probably says more about British issues towards earning money and a prejudice against ‘trade’ than anything else.

What was interesting to me was the conclusion drawn out that the Tony Blair is not that interested in his own personal finance. It sounded very typical of all the other relationships I have heard of, almost by definition, one partner will be more frugal, more interested in money management, or a more knowledgable investor than the other. It seems a little unusual that in this case the woman is more interested, but I guess not markedly so, particularly as they are about as educated and intelligent as each other (if push came to shove, I’d say she was cleverer).

Another quirk that I like about stories about the Blairs’ personal finance is that there has been a lot of discussion in the media that they will not have sufficient income now that Tony is no longer Prime Minister. This was not mentioned in the interview with Cherie. It reminded me of all those times when people have gossiped that they don’t know what so-and-so will do for money now that they’ve lost their job / divorced etc but would never, ever mention it to their face.

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